Afriwheels Question: All over Africa people are suffering for no good reason? 
It is true:
  • In our modern high-tech world millions of people still carry their loads on foot over long distances. With an ordinary stable cheap standard bike the transport is three times faster and the load can be three times heavier.

  • Bicycle owning families in rural areas of the poor countries have better access to water, are healthier and have a higher income cause they can bring their products easier to the markets.
  • "Hakuna Baiskeli" is Swahili-language, meaning "there is no bicycle".
  • Main reason why there is no bike is the price of a bike.
  • If there is a bike it is a cheap standard bike imported from Asia where mainly in India and China bicycle parts are made in mass production.
  • little input - big results:
    it's not a big deal to make standard bikes available but it makes a huge difference in the life of Africans. This is known and proven since a long time.
  • in spite:
  • for a very long time nobody was interested in supporting bicycle use in Africa (neither development agencies nor African institutions or responsible politicians) - the contrary: development organisations gave the best examples that civilised and modern locomotion must be motorised.
  • in the meantime some European and American groups are sending 2nd hand bicycles to Africa (which are not good for heavy loads and spares are not available or quite expensive ) bicycle dealerand some others are promoting special constructions which Africans can't afford.
  • African groups and gorvernments - as soon as they are forced to realise that there is also some non-motorised transport in their countries - start to talk about inner-African bicycle production or "National bicycle industries" even when they don't know of which parts a bicycle consists and how these parts are produced.
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  • banana transport
    our message since 30 years:
  • single speed is enough but the right transmission ratio is important:
  • adopt and improve the available standard roadster bicycles for African conditions