louis armstrong gomes
Louis Armstrong Gomes 2006 - 2012   Expositions en Allemagne "Unterwegs in Afrika"
Waghäusel, Universität Heidelberg, Rathaus Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, Karlsruhe

 Der Karlsruher Verein
Partnerschaft Westafrika e.V.
realisiert einen Traum des in Dakar lebenden Malers Louis Armstrong Gomes:
Die Ausstellung seiner Bilder in Deutschland mit dem Titel:
"Unterwegs in Afrika"

aus Westafrika


im Atelier
Anita Medjed

in Waghäusel
Frühjahr 2006

"Moving in Africa" - we might think of travellers and globetrotters - but the Senegalese painter Louis Armstrong Gomes shows how Africans themselves are moving in their daily life:
In overcrowded busses, on animal-tracted carts, at the coast on boats and in the rural Africa where there is no motorized transport the women and children are moving on foot and carry their loads on the head.

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